Our story

Eco Glam Beauty Boutique

We bring you best of the beauty world. For us quality is more important than quantity. Before laying down on our online shelves, all products and brands are researched 'on paper'. Afterwards we and our friends try all beauty products in real life. Only the best and most efficient end up on Eco Glam, ready for you. We also pay attention to the production practices and values of brands, giving preference to companies that care about the environment and their employees. Like we do!

  • 100% NATURAL & CLEAN

    We believe that what you put inside your body is as important as what you put ON your body. Natural ingredients are derived from nature - plants, minerals or animals, and has undergone minimal processing. Not all natural ingredients are safe for humans, so we choose only those who are.


    Although, we predominantly sell vegan beauty products, we do accept beauty products with animal derived ingredients. We always make sure that they are sourced responsibly & sustainably and have not undergone animal testing on any stage of production.


    All the wonderful eco-visions would not make any sense if natural beauty products are not effective, right? All products found on Eco Glam have been thoroughly tested to provide you with selection that really works!

We believe that natural and clean beauty products can be luxurious and glamorous. We believe in beauty that is good for health, animals and Earth. 

About the founder

Hi, there! My name is Linda, and I am the founder of Eco Glam. My interest about beauty products first sparked when I as a kid was playing with my Mom's eyeshadow palettes. Stepping up on the path of healthier and more conscious living, also change my perception of beauty. 

When I found out all the dirty secrets of beauty industry and truth about toxic chemicals in cosmetics, I decided to find alternatives that are as effective, long-lasting and beautifully packaged. Beauty products that are safe for my health and environment. 

And I found them! Even more than expected! Unfortunately, these wonderful beauty products were scattered around the world and not easily shipped to Latvia.  Thus I decided to gather all my favorites in one place and create an online store. To be more precise - an online beauty boutique where all products are not only clean 'on paper' but also tried, tested and proven to be effective in real life.

Beauty without compromise! I believe in beauty that makes no harm. Cosmetics must be safe and beneficial for health. I believe that together we are able to change old ways and step into the brighter and greener tomorrow.